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AUGUST, 2023

At Equal (henceforth “our,” “us” "Company" and “we”) we believe that you are the master of your data and captain of your privacy. When you choose to use our ID Products (“Platform”) and our verification services ("Services"), you choose to share certain data with us that is necessary for us to provide our Services. We are indebted to you that you trust us with your data and assure you that we are committed to the highest levels to protect your data.  

We want to ensure that you have complete control over the means and manner in which you wish us to process your data. We process your data based on your explicit consent and for a specified purpose as informed to you while seeking your consent.  We are in strict compliance with the Digital Personal Data Protection Act, 2023 and other provisions under Information Technology Act, 2000 and ensure that you lead the way you want us to process your data. We are also committed to comply with regulations under the Aadhaar Act, 2016 and its regulations and other mandates issued by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) while processing your Aadhaar data and financial data respectively. We are also strongly committed to follow the principles held by the Supreme Court in K.S. Puttaswamy v. Union of India, with respect to consent sought from you while processing your data.

We have a secure data vault to protect your data. In addition to the applicable laws, we also adhere to gold standards in the industry to ensure that you're aware of how we process your data at every step and stage. 

Being a “Privacy-first, Consent-first” Company, we want you to understand how your data will be processed by us and how you are in control of your data. We encourage you to read our Privacy Policy where you will understand what data of yours we collect, why we collect such data, the rights you have over such data and how the data is used and managed on our Platform. 

Please read our Terms of Use which further describes the way we function, the Services that we provide to you and under what terms you can use our Platform and Services.       

This Privacy Policy is only applicable to our Platform and not to any other Business applications and websites that you may access through our Platform, each of which may have data collection, storage, and use policies that are different from our Privacy Policy.

About us

Equal Identity Private Limited”, a Company incorporated under Companies Act, 2013 provides a Platform “Equal” which strives to provide a seamless experience to you by securely storing and sharing your IDs and documents at multiple situations with consent.

In order to help you share and verify your identity at different junctures of your life be it at a hospital for availing benefits and insurance, at a bank for availing loans or your place of employment for background verification and many such places seamlessly.

Nature and Categories of Data that we collect from you and why 

You provide and we collect the following data from you, in order to provide you our Services:

  • Account Data: When you create your account, we collect your phone number to enable you to sign-up and log-in to our Platform. It is important that you provide us Account Data, without which we will not be able to provide our Services to you. 
  • Data related to your Identity: In order to avail our Services, you might provide different data related to your Government IDs and other data related to you with us. We may also use this data to undertake two-factor authentication to verify your account whenever deemed required for confirming ownership of your account. 

We automatically collect the following data from you, in order to provide our Services: 

  • Device Data: We collect data related to your device such as device type, operating system, device setting and geo-location data to provide you an improved experience.

Nature and Categories of Data that we receive about you and what we facilitate you with: 

  • Data we receive from Data Partners: We receive data regarding you from approved and authorised data partners such as Government entities and third party vendors based on your consent. We collect this data and store it securely on our Platform to enable you to avail our Services and share the same with different Businesses that require you to verify your identity. 
  • Publicly available Data: We fetch publicly available data on the request of the Business engaged with you and help you store the same on our Platform to help you seamlessly use the same or share it with any other Business as and when required by you. 
  • Derived Data:  Based on the data you decide to provide to Businesses we derive additional data points that might help you to verify your identity or avail the Services by Businesses more seamlessly.

Whom do we share your Data with: 

Your data is stored with us and is only processed by us. We are a consent centric company and only share data with businesses that you provide your explicit consent for and do not enable sharing of your data with any third party without obtaining your explicit consent. We do not sell, rent or trade your data, We only share your data with your consent and the specific purpose for which you want us to share your data or as required for prevention of fraud or otherwise permitted by any applicable law. 

How do we Store and retain your Data:

We store your data on a secure Data Vault with high-end security systems and we store it as long as you wish to avail our Services. In the event you change your mind and do not wish for us to process your data, you can delete your data in a manner as mentioned under our “Delete your Data” section of this Privacy Policy.

What Privacy controls do you have: 

We want you to understand that you have complete control over your data. To assure you of the same, we provide you with tools and mechanisms in order to manage your data on our Platform.

  • Review your Data: We understand that you may want to review the data provided by you from time to time. To do the same, you may visit our Platform, where data provided by you and collected from data partners will be displayed. However, any data that we receive from Data Partners with respect to your additional verification for employment or income  shall not be visible or accessible to you.
  • Delete your Data: When you no longer wish to use our Services, you can discontinue by deleting your data. We provide you with a deletion tool “Manage IDs” on our Platform, by clicking the same you choose to delete your data from our Platform. However, please note that the data that you explicitly consent to share with any Business for the purpose of verification are governed by exclusive Data Policy and Terms of Use of such Business and Equal shall in no manner or capacity be responsible for deletion of your data as stored or processed by the Business.

How do we operate or transfer your Data

We do not share your data internally or with third party partners/vendors outside India. Any change in our data transfer practices in the future will be intimated to you and you may review our revised policy and consent to our revised data transfer practices.

How do we protect and safeguard your Data: 

  • That data collected from you is saved and stored on servers which are password protected to ensure there is no unauthorised access to it. We strictly adhere to security guidelines to ensure to protect your data that is in our possession.
  • We store your data over secure cloud service providers who offer security standards competitive with the industry norms. We also protect our servers by using SSL, and data access authorization controls. We take all the reasonable measures to preserve the integrity and security of your data that is in our possession.
  • We have adopted all reasonable safeguards as mandated by the applicable law in order to protect your data. The data provided by you is stored only in the servers of India.
  • Despite our best practices of safeguarding your data, You understand and accept that there is no guarantee that data transmission over the Internet will be completely secure and that any data that You transmit to Us is at Your own risk. We assume no liability for any disclosure of data due to errors in transmission issues, unauthorised third-party access to our Platform and databases or other acts of third parties or acts or omissions beyond our reasonable control and you shall not be entitled to hold Equal responsible for any breach of security except in case of wilful negligence on the part of Equal.

Changes to Privacy Policy

We process your data based on the consent you expressly grant to us at the time we collect such data for a specified purpose. In case we change our Privacy Policy which further changes the way we process and manage your data, we will notify and give you an opportunity to review the revised Policy before you choose to proceed with our Services.

Grievance Redressal

We have a dedicated team at your service to redress any grievances that you may have in relation to your data as processed by us. In order to reach out to us, please write to

Krishna Pallavi
Grievance Officer 

Equal Identity Private Limited
The Skyview, Sy. No. 83/1, 2nd Floor,
Skyview 10, Raidurg, Hyderabad,
Telangana - 500081

Please note that Equals Grievance redressal mechanism addresses only the issues related to the way we process and manage your data on our Platform and in no way, can address the issues that you may have with Businesses.

We would also like to inform you that as per the Digital Personal Data Protection Act, 2023, if you have any concerns with respect to the manner in which we process your data, you may also make a complaint to the Data Protection Board as and when established through a notification by the Central Government and in a manner as prescribed.