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India’s largest businesses use Equal to solve their identity needs enabling Trust, Convenience & Consent.

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Why Equal?

Equal makes identity easy

Aggregator of Aggregators

Seamlessly access 50+ ID providers  & 4000+ APIs with one simple integration.

Custom Workflows

Create custom, conditional and automated workflows that fit and scale all your business needs perfectly.

In-Built Fraud Detection

Prevent fraud using our advanced fraud engine, multi-factor checks and real-time ID verification checks from source of truth.

Highest Identity Success Rate

Achieve the highest ID success rates in the market with our advanced routing engine and 1-Click ID Wallet.

Business Rule Engine

Equal makes your operations secure, easy and efficient. Take advantage of the Equal stack, bundled into one.

Consent-First Platform

Become compliant  to the DPDP Act, 2023 with our in-built consent manager and audit trails.


Uptime for Equal Platform


Indians use
Equal for ID verifications


Top 50 companies prefer Equal


Net Promoter Score amongst businesses

Product Suite

Supercharge your business with Equal


ID Verification Workflows

personalised gateway

Personalised ID Verification APIs

personalised gateway

Login for Consumer Journeys


Face is your ID


Integration made simple

Take advantage of detailed documentation, product guides and API libraries that help you set up and run with ease. A seamless and beautiful identity experience with just ten lines of code.


Equal is committed to the highest levels of compliance of DPDP, IT Act, Aadhaar Laws and is certified to the highest standards of SOC 2, ISO 27001 and PCI DSS.

Security & Privacy

Security and privacy are fundamental to what we do. Data is secured through HTTPS endpoints, 256-bit encryption, and regular vulnerability assessments. A compliant Data Vault safeguards sensitive information, and transparent audit trails track all data sharing, only done with consent. Your data is in good hands here.

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